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  • Marco Roso

    Marco Roso

  • Eric Barry Drasin

    Eric Barry Drasin

  • Kimberly Parker

    Kimberly Parker

    Canadian concept artist

  • nathan


  • Riccardo Zanardelli

    Riccardo Zanardelli

    Digital Platforms @ Beretta | Engineering | Privacy & Data Ownership | New Media Arts

  • everest pipkin

    everest pipkin


  • Memo Akten

    Memo Akten

    computational ar̹͒ti͙̕s̼͒t engineer curious philomath; nature ∩ science ∩ tech ∩ ritual; spirituality ∩ arithmetic; PhD AI×expressive human-machine interaction;

  • Domenico Barra

    Domenico Barra

    Multimedia artist nurturing visions, imagination and social awareness through the poetic of failure & errorz. On a mission called #WhitePageGallery.

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